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March 30 – Follow the Leader

I’ve told my principal that she needs to let me know if she’s being transferred because if she doesn’t have a spot available for me on her new staff, I’m going to retire. It’s difficult when leadership changes. I’ve only been with my principal for a few years. Imagine how terrible it was for the Israelites as they approached the Promised Land and Moses needed to pass the torch of leadership. Moses asked God to provide a new leader. He did. “The LORD said to Moses, ‘Take Joshua, Nun’s son, a man who has the spirit, and lay your hand on him.’” (Numbers 27:18) The new leader, Joshua, had been through all the difficulties of the travel from Egypt. He had been one of the twelve spies – one of the two who said that they should go into the Promised Land forty years earlier because God was leading them. Even though he was chosen by God, God made sure that the people would recognize Joshua’s leadership by having Moses bless this new leader. When we seek God, we discover that He provides leadership. Whether it be to churches, schools, communities, or nations, God provides the leaders needed if we seek His guidance. When God provides His leader, our responsibility is to pray for that leader and work for the good of the group.

Lord, thank You for those leaders that seek You and are obedient to Your ways. I pray that You would provide good leadership in all areas of my life. Bless those who lead and grant them Your grace, Your wisdom and Your power.

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