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We understand that coming to a new church can be an intimidating experience.  We want you to feel comfortable when you arrive, so here are a few things you might like to know about us:

What to Expect

At Troy First Assembly of God, we are committed to the helping people Know God, Deal with their Junk, Discover their Gifts and Make a Difference.  That’s our vision and it drives everything we do.  Whether that’s in our Sanctuary Services, Kids and Student Ministries, Wednesday Nights or the variety of Adult Ministry opportunities - there’s a place for everyone.



At Troy First, everyone is welcome to come comfortable. A very few dress up a bit (coat and tie etc), and most dress very casually. Jeans and shorts are common around here.  We encourage you to come the way that you feel most comfortable.


Kids and Students

If you have kids, we have an incredible Children’s ministry that will take care of your children (birth through 5th grade) while you enjoy the service.  Our Children’s staff and volunteers are the best and they are experienced. You can rest assured that your children will be loved and taken care of in a safe, secure, and exciting environment designed just for them.  Our goal is to raise a generation of people who are joy-filled, resilient and empowered.  This means leading our kids to have a strong relationship with Jesus. We’re here to partner with you in that.  TAG Kids and TAG Student Ministries are dedicated to supporting your entire family.

• We provide your children with age-appropriate, relevant teaching.  Your child will hear the truth of God’s Word and learn how to apply it to their lives.
• We create opportunities for your children to interact with trained adult leaders 
who have had full background screenings prior to their involvement in our church.
• We’ll give them a way to connect the teaching from that week
to your family’s everyday life.  That means you and your kids can talk about it at home.

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During The Service

Every weekend at First Assembly you will hear a relevant, dynamic, straight-forward message based on the Bible that is designed to be helpful in your everyday life.

As part of our weekly services we do take up an offering.  If you're a guest, please do not feel any pressure or obligation to give (unless you simply wish to give).  This is an act of worship for our regular attendees, allowing them to thank God for all of the great work He’s doing in their lives.

If you do not have a church background of any kind, you'll probably be struck by the thought that so many people have so much fun worshiping God.  While no one is expected to express himself or herself in any particular way, many people will sing with all their hearts, lift up their hands, and even praise God with spoken words once in a while.  Our service structure is quite similar to most Protestant services. There is singing, praying, a message from the Pastor, and a response time which takes a number of forms.  Often we will invite people to commit their lives to Jesus Christ.  

If you have some background in church, you may find our form of worship a bit more expressive than what you may be used to.  You might wonder if what we practice has a Biblical basis… Believe me, it does.  We strive very hard to be Biblically grounded and open to everything that God has for us.

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