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June 24 – God Rules

Rwanda is a beautiful country. In spite of high unemployment the people work together to support each other. They are industrious, and can be seen on the roads at all hours of the day, usually doing something to earn a living or support their family or community. If you didn’t know the history, you wouldn’t believe that a terrible event happened here over 20 years ago. This beautiful land was almost destroyed by hatred. Since that time, though, the hatred was put down and, while physical and emotional scars still remain, the people have united to become one country, working together. It truly is a beautiful land today.

It’s in the reconciliation that has taken place in Rwanda that I see God working in this world today: there is hope. We have hope not because of our own efforts, but because of the goodness of God. As Daniel related his visions, it would be easy to see a world without hope. Many cheer the apocalyptic ending of the world that seems to be portrayed in these visions since it will usher in the return of Christ, or so it seems. Yet, those wars will see innocents killed and the land ripped apart. A world driven by the rule of man without God is described by Daniel. “The invader will do as he pleases; no one will be able to stand against him. He will establish himself in the Beautiful Land and will have the power to destroy it.” (Daniel 11:16)

I don’t pretend to understand the ins and outs of the types of visions Daniel recorded. Many would dare to put names to the Kings of the North and of the South, or the princes of Persia. Some will seek to establish a timeline for the coming of Christ based on their interpretation. All I can see is a world in turmoil and chaos because people have forsaken God. The source of war is hatred for others, a quality not seen in God. The visions of Daniel relate a world that is in chaos because people have been deluded in their thinking by the invader, whom I believe to be Satan; because force is seen as the ultimate good in life, and people are trying to show who has the most force. As you read through the whole chapter, though, as strong as the invader is; as strong as the various kings are; no one can take control. In the end, God will rule, no matter how great the rebellion may be.

Rebellions start within individuals. People turn from God’s desires and seek their own wants no matter how it may affect others. And this is where it gets personal. My life and your life can be considered our own beautiful land. Do we let the invader, Satan in to destroy, or do we keep our focus on God? Faith in Christ is not a one time, walk the aisle and say a prayer kind of thing. Faith is a life changing experience that means we walk with God each day of our lives. Faith means that we love others as God loved them, being willing to sacrifice to bring them to faith, or help them grow in faith. Faith means that when we falter, when we let the invader in, we seek help from God and from others to drive him out. Faith means we love each other unconditionally as Jesus loved us. Faith means that we seek to imitate God in all that we do. I don’t know anyone with perfect faith, but I know the God who continues to work in me. And so I commit myself each day to follow Him while asking Him to keep the invader out of my life. Won’t you?

Lord God, faith is hard. I falter so often and worry about my own desires instead of desiring to become like You. Continue to work in my life and drive out the invader wherever he has sought to take root in me. Give me Your love for others so that I can demonstrate it each day.


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