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Ladies Retreat
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Women's Ministry

Annual Fall Craft Vendor Fair

Nov 2, 9am - 3pm

432 S Lincoln Drive, Troy MO 63379

RULES for Vendors


1. This event will be held at ​First Assembly of God Church located at 432 S Lincoln Drive,  Troy MO  on November 2, 2019.  

2. Vendor Operating Hours: Saturday 8:00am—4:00pm.  

          Open to the Public: Saturday 9:00am—3:00pm.  

          Set up/Tear down: Set up time available Friday, Nov 1st 5-7pm or Saturday, Nov 2nd  beginning at 8am;

                    All tear down to be completed by 4pm (NO break down before 3pm)  

3. We permit only ONE of the same business company for this event (i.e. only ONE Tupperware, ONE Pampered Chef, etc…)

          Note: Crafts are not limited to this rule.  

4. The Women’s Ministry Coordinator, Betty Reeds, reserves the right to refuse to display any items deemed inappropriate.

          Betty’s decision will be final.   

5. Once Vendor’s registration is accepted, all fees are non-refundable.​ Each Vendor is responsible for her/his own money,

          cash box, & sales receipts. First Assembly of God  Women’s Ministries will not provide cash services nor make


6. Food & Drink will be available at this event ($ donations instead of fixed pricing). Vendors may bring their own food &

          drink if desired; ​however use of microwave, oven, or other kitchen services will not be available.

7. Check in & Parking: The event will be held on the lower level of the church. Vendors may  unload their car at the lower

          entrances, then promptly park your cars in the Justice Center parking lot during the event to reserve parking for

          customers. ​Please check in upon  arrival inside the North lower level door entrance.   

8. Prohibited items for individual and Vendor sales: Alcohol, Tobacco (including e-cigarettes  and vaping equipment),

          Live Animals, Open Flames, Drug paraphernalia, Pornographic  Materials.  

9. Cost: ​$20 per 6-foot Vendor Table; Additional $5 if electrical outlet is needed. Electric spaces are limited, so please   

          specific clearly on the application.​ Outdoor Spaces are available for $15 (no electricity) and Vendors must bring

          their own table/canopy/display supplies.  

10. Vendors are responsible for their assigned space, as well as conduct of self, employees  and/or representatives.

          Vendor tables must be manned at all times. Women’s Ministry Staff will be made available, upon request, to sit at

          your booth if you need to take short  breaks (no more than 5 minutes).  

11. Encroachment of another vendor’s table/space is STRICTLY PROHIBITED!  

12. Use of foul language by Vendor and/or Vendor’s employees is STRICTLY PROHIBITED!  

13. This event will have Security. Situations with unruly customers, and/or situations involving  the violation of above

          listed Rules #11 & #12 will be handled by the Security Team.   

14. Each Vendor is asked to bring a product/item for this event’s Door Prizes. Door Prize must be at least the value of $10

          or more.  

15. First Assembly of God Church is not responsible for Vendor merchandise, sales, or display materials.   

If you have any questions, or need more information, Please contact our Women’s Ministry Coordinator

Betty Reeds 636.295.1275 (leave a detailed message if voicemail) - or email ​  

We are very appreciative of your business and support for Women’s Ministries,

and we hope  to have a fantastic event with you! 

Our Women's Ministry Director

Betty Reeds


Vendors - Contact our Women's Ministry Director Betty Reeds to reserve your place!


Call 636.295.1275 or Email

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