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February 27 – Showing Joy

Attitude is everything. Well, almost everything. I know people who go through difficult times that would destroy most people with a smile. They survive. Other people face a small bump in their road and soon things fall to pieces. It’s all because of attitude. “A joyful heart helps healing, but a broken spirit dries up the bones.” (Proverbs 17:22) One of my favorite people in the world cleans up outside a fast food restaurant early in the morning to supplement his retirement income. No matter what the weather is like, no matter what the situation may be, every day is “the best day of my life.” He always has a smile and every time I see him, he gives me joy that helps me get through the day. I wish I were like that. I tend to let circumstances bother me. I get moody and upset. Life gets sour. When I laugh at my problems, which are minor when I really think about it, I have a better day. When I gripe about the other drivers on the road – things go bad that day. When I start praying for those crazy drivers and thank God for the good ones – the day goes well. My problem, my goal actually, is to get back to the time when I had a joyful heart all the time. To make every day the best day of my life. Problems come to the joyful and the broken just the same. Our attitudes make all the difference.

Lord, forgive me for my bitterness and grouchiness. Remind me to go through life with joy – the joy that comes from You. Let my life reflect the joy You give as I deal with the issues I face. Let me show Your grace and strength in the midst of the problems that come.

Daily Devotion by Bob James


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